Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten months was a big month for this little girl!

A lot has happened!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. We had a lot going on! Jonathan got a job as the Middle School Director for a church in Knoxville TN. We just moved here at the end of June. It is absolutely beautiful! Jonathan found us a great little house that is just perfect for us. We had our first youth event last night at the Lake. Joanna jumped right off the dock into the lake about three feet down. She had a life jacket of course and daddy was there to catch her. She was great! She loved swimming with all the big kids in the lake. The weather here is amazing. Jonathan went mountain biking and said it was so beautiful.
Joanna is growing like a week. She is 11 months now, and running all around. She talks all the time, just jibber jabber, but it is hilarious to listen to. She is such a social little bug and is really enjoying all the new people we are meeting. The church here has been SO wonderful and welcoming, helping us unload and unpack, bringing meals, donating furniture... really it has been amazing. We already feel right at home. We are glad to be closer to friends and family so we look forward to more visits in the near future!

Friday, May 14, 2010

9 months and walking!

This kid is already walking. She is still pretty wobbly but she can make it halfway across a room on her own. It is so fun to watch. At her 9 month appointment she was almost 22 pounds! She is still in the 97th+ percentile for her age in height, and the weight is about in the 80th now. She is very tall and looks a lot older than she is. She looks even older now that she is walking! She has been laughing a lot these days, totally unprovoked. She realizes that things are funny, and that we like to laugh together with her. Since she is so mobile, we have started the beginning days of discipline. She gets very sad, and pooches that bottom lip out when we tell her "no". Those big alligator tears are so heart wrenching! But she is understanding and actually has been very obedient... so far. We are having SO much fun being Joanna's parents. We are VERY BLESSED!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Easter!

We had a great Easter as a family. Jonathan's Dad Rudy came and Spent Good Friday with us as well as Saturday. He helped me all day in the kitchen, preparing for Sunday's lunch. After church, Stephen and Emily joined us for a great meal and a relaxing afternoon where we watched "The Blind Side". A few day's later Doug, Cathy and John David came for a visit during their Spring Break. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched people skydive at a local lunch spot. Joanna was so exhausted after everyone left. She is so social, she would rather hang out with people that sleep, or eat or anything!